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BSNL IPTV Pune : Going extra mile…

Posted by milindchoudhary on August 22, 2008

More than a year ago BSNL had launched its IPTV service also known as triple play [ Phone , Broadband , TV]  It has come a long way since then.

DIVINET, a company formed by the CDAC guys, has developed the set top box known as WiceBox.

When the service started there were more place holders than running services, things are coming to life now it seems. Recently a boquet of Zee.* channels was added to the lot taking place a few regional as the total number of channels is still  100.

Yesterday [20/08/08] I had a pleasent surprize when I saw the welcome screen had changed. It had changed many a times before, but this time it looked enticing. I could sense a new begining. Yes it had a lot in store, which I will uncover as we move along this post. be patient. [or simply scroll down… who’s holding you back 🙂 ]


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