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Open Solaris Nexenta on VirtualBox macbook OS X Tiger

Posted by milindchoudhary on May 24, 2008

My Open Solaris starter kit was pending for a long time. I eagerly waited for it for months

sadly after I got the courier I could not manger time to install it..give it a try.

Enough is enough.. I can’t handle that guilt anymore..

I’m on It..

Lets ROCK!!

a fancy snap of the DVD enclosure from my PhotoBooth

Open Solaris DVD Enclosure

Now lets create a new VM for OpenSolaris,

I won;t give it much space , dynamically extending 4G should be enough I think

Let share 50 -50 . I have a Gig, I ‘ll be generous enough to give 512 M to the VM

[may will reduce it later on]

A dynamically expanding 4G should do

I’ ll show you how much did it require for the initial setup once its done

Point it to the OpenSoalarid Disc1 which is inserted in the DVD drive

Lets get it running

I chose to install Nexeta 32 bit

This is something I have seen the first time with Solaris .

Something to cheer for Desktop users

Its the power of debian which has enabled solaris to be so user friendly

Let it do autoformat

I dont care anyways as its a VM disk

Later on I would play with the partition manger to and get a multiboot system up

A long wait ,..

this when I actually started writing this post

uploaded images to wordpress

the batch upload is good.

but once a bunch of images are uploaded it doesn’t allow me to select a few add

include them in a post

either i have to select a one image or all whole gallery

I preferred editing the HTML and just changed the image numbers in the links

U know what to do with the above screens

let it do what it wants to

good that GRUB succeeded in writing itself to the MBR

I don’t know..but I feared it would fail


Last time I tried Nexenta ,It crashed even before starting the installer

that was on my PC. a poor one..

but used to multiboot a whole lot of linux flavors along with my windows 98 and XP

without any issues

PS :” issues” is a word i learn only when i joined the IT race

you just cant’t ignore a bunch of jargons in IT

lets talk about it some other time


Itching to try it out

Go ahead ..

Have fun!


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