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My Journey with TuX

Posted by milindchoudhary on May 26, 2009

My journey with TuX actually started of when I was in the final year of my undergraduate degree at VIT Pune.  In fact the first time ever I  “touched” a computer was in my first lab session for “computer fundamentals”.  Guess what ! my first keystrokes were in a TurboC editor.  Not that I am trying to tell that I had learned programming in my mothers womb. 🙂 ,  I just want to highlight that fact that I was so computer illiterate when I started my engineering studies. Long back, when I was in 8th standard, our school had organized an optional computer training.  I did not participate in it as the other option was more enticing, just stay out of the classroom for the whole 45  minutes and do your own thing. No not even PT or Work Ex ..just on your own. I along with my buddies used to invest that time catching butterflies. ( Milind goes nostalgic here and stops typing for a while. so does his cute little Macbook, LCD back light dims,  darkness fills the room.  ..tin! tidin!!ubuntu9.04-desktop-amd64.iso download complete, another item taken off  my SHOULD-HAVE-DONE-YESTERDAY list).. (2000)

so where were we…. coffee anyone?

My roommate had brought a PC and that’s the machine where it all started for me, Thanks Sunny! Playing games, music, movies..  some windows registry hacks..if time permits reading some online books and project work.  Redhat was the in thing those days. One of my techie friends helped install Redhat Linux 7.2 on this machine. The steps he took to install seemed like a bypass surgery to me. Me and my roomie had held our breath for the entire duration, ahm..well ..okay..okay.. I agree..not me only my roomie was nervous as it was his PC on the operation table. I was just giving company.

Everything was new and fun. The vibrant colors on console. Such a loquacious OS, starts talking the moment it boots up, tells you everything. the good bad the ugly everything.  Soon learned to navigate my way around in this deep ocean. Apart from the routine dumb user tasks the only creditable thing I think I did was to search for an mp3 plug-in for xmms and get it working on my Redhat installation. The first touch of Linux administration. (2004)

I later pursued a diploma in embedded systems design at CDAC Pune. This was the time when i really got started with Linux.. fell in love actually! Till then I was more of an user and deeply engrossed into the Linux-Windows fight. Making comments and participating in flame-wars. I even lost a job due to my blunt views and arrogant talks about Linux-Vs-Windows.  But thanks to CDAC I started dealing with the real thing and noticed the realy bueaty of Linux! Learnt operating system basics, Linux system programming. Device drivers and Real time linux and more importantly the power of linux!! its pure addiction..(2005)

Fortunately I got my first job focused on Linux kernel internals. I am thankful to CDAC for the same. At Patni we had a Linux kernel internals team which used to study and understand the various aspects of Linux kernel. Document the understanding the share with various project teams to ramp them on the development tasks. We carried out various projects in this initiative and Learnt a lot about Linux, contributed the Linux kernel mailing list by answering the queries raised on the forums. I wrote a few articles such as Linux boot process, Kernel Synchronization primitives, Kernel memory management, KGDB,  Linux SCSI implementations, etc..

Later on I came to know about kernel janitors. I have recently started (2007) contributing to the development of Linux kernel. Kernel Janitors is nice place to start off with. You can get going by submitting cute little patches and prepare yourself for the big deal I picked up a few macro cleanup tasks and got my name listed on the Linux hobbyist contributors list.

Now the goals are more serious its  a carrier choice for me. Its great that I get paid for what is more of my hobby.  Hopefully my decision to pursue MS has come at a perfect time. I have sufficient background and am all set for a big leap. Never would I have agreed more…. YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT !!

so stay tuned.. (2009)


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